Shipping Titled Vehicles

We ship titled automobiles, motorcycles, or equipment all the time! Be sure to mention you have a titled vehicle PRIOR to making your booking! Not all carriers accept them as cargo and there is a very specific process for shipping these.

Titles are required to be validated at least 72 hours in advance of departure by the CBP office at the port of export. Don’t worry, Euro Shippers handles the title validation for you!

Step 1:

Have at least one copy of the clean title (bill of sale for non titled items)

Step 2:

Send us your titles at least two weeks prior to shipping. Our team will email you a UPS label to send them to us.

Step 3:

Our staff will prepare the titles, other documents, and file the necessary export declaration before we send the titles/bill of sale to the CBP office at the port of export.

Step 4:

We send a copy of the validated titles to the steamship line

Step 5:

We return your validated titles to you via UPS so you can register your vehicle overseas.

Loading Your Vehicle

When shipping a vehicle, please remember to follow the steps below. There is a greater chance that a customs officer will request to phyically validate the VIN on the vehicle to the documentation when the container is at the port. For that reason, your vehicle MUST be the last item loaded. Otherwise, they will unload your container and you will pay a lot of $$.

Remember the following:

  • Load the vehicle last!
  • All wheels must touch the ground!
  • Drain the gas tank to less than 1/4 full
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Back the vehicle into the container
  • Block and brace so the vehicle does not move
    • Strap the motorcycle down using ratchet straps or flexible shipping rope
  • Run the vehicle to get the gas level as low as possible (without damaging the engine)
  • Take a picture of your vehicle loaded